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Here enclosed frequent questions and answers, which will help you to get some ideas. If any others, please don’t  hesitate to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Are your wallpapers eco-friendly?

Our plain wallpaper and self adhesive fabric and cotton fabric is eco-friendly wallpaper products, ROSH and SGS certificates can be provided. Eco-friendly goods usually means free-pvc and low formaldehyde. Your can  use our products safely.

Can I print your wallpaper with water-based ink?

Most of  our products can be printed by Eco-solvent/ UV/ Latex printer. Besides, we especially developed three types  of wallpaper fit for water-based ink printing. They are YD3101-W/YD3305-W/YD3308-W/ YD5003-W. 

Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacturer and we have own trade team. Our factory is in Anhui province, China and our headquarter is in Shanghai, China. All goods are sent from our own factory directly, by this way, the delivery time can be shortened.  

What's your standard size and MOQ?

Our MOQ is 20 rolls. But few rolls also can be acquired if we have stock. The different products have different width, for example, the size of plain non woven wallpaper  is 1.07m *50m/ 1.27m*50m/ 1.52m*50m. The size of seamless wallfabric is 2.8m*50m/3.05m *50m/ 3.2m*50m. All details can be seen in e-catalog.  

What kind of wallpaper can you produce?

1. PVC(Vinyl) wallpaper

 2. Non-woven wallpaper

   3. Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering

4. Pure cotton fabric (original color)

5. Self adhesive fabric

6. White board stickers

Can you customize murals for me?

Of course.

We not only produce white blank wallpaper material, also have printers and large  image stock. So we can print any HD pictures and size according to your demands. Besides, we will send free design to you at the first cooperation. 

Non woven wallpaper, seamless wall fabric, self adhesive fabric wait for your choice.

Can I get a free sample?


The sample book and 2 meter length sample material can be acquired only freight. We will arrange delivery by TNT/ UPS/ FedEx for our clients. 

When can I receive the goods if I order 1000 rolls?

Our monthly production is 10,7000 square meters, so we can guarantee the delivery time. We can prepare goods within one week if 100 rolls, and within 20 days to 25 days if 1000 rolls. The sample can be sent on the same day once we receive your payment.

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