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How to Select Wall Art for a Living Room?

How to Select Wall Art for a Living Room

Knowing how to decorate a wall isn’t always easy, but it can be fun! Especially if you’re decorating a small space, wall decor can be a lifesaver. When you lack square footage, every little inch counts! There are tons of different options for your home’s wall decor, and you’re sure to find one that is exactly your style and fits your home.

You don’t have to be a wealthy art collector to have beautiful pieces of art on your walls. There are tons of reproductions of classic art pieces. Also, not every piece of wall art needs to be a verified Van Gogh—shop around for art at antique stores and thrift shops to see if anything catches your eye!

Wall decor can be easy to neglect, as it’s not exactly a necessity for survival in your home like tables and chairs can be. Lacking wall decor can be a reason that your home feels incomplete in its design. Art can pull in your color palette and textures to get the mood and feel in your room exactly right.


First, you need to figure out what the color scheme from your room is or what you want it to be. If you have an existing color in your space, your job has gotten easier, especially if that color is white. Look at a https://www.pexels.com/ or https://www.shutterstock.com/zh/home to get a sense of what colors to look for in wall art! Be mindful when choosing pieces, considering their color palette, and how it meshes with the color palette in the room. Bring out bright colors, or add neutrality to an already-bold room. Even just one large piece can add those necessary finishing touches to your home.


Your decor speaks to your style and personality. If you’re an adventurous type, decorate your room with pictures from places you’ve visited or the activities you’ve done. If you’re a bit more book-minded, try something like a vintage world map!

Wall art will change depending on what room you’re decorating. Different rooms have varying needs and conditions. For example, a bathroom will likely collect a lot of moisture, so you don’t want to have your most beautiful pieces in there for the chance they could get messed up. You also want to promote relaxation and serenity in a bathroom. Choose pieces that are calming in this room, for when you taking a relaxing bath or shower after working hard.


When looking for wall art for your home, search out different types of art, not just two-dimensional pieces on canvas. Look for different mediums, textures, and colors. A shadow box or a wooden sculpture are great ideas to switch up the look amongst paintings. If there’s an image you love, experiment with different types of frames!

Living Room

Living rooms are arguably the most important rooms in our homes. You may be hanging out alone and recuperating, or spending time with family and friends. You entertain guests, host family movie nights, and generally lounge about in your living room. Whatever you use your living room for most, it should be the best-decorated room in your home, as it’s the most visible. There are so many options as to how to decorate this space, especially your wall art.

When considering how to best decorate your living room, it depends on how big your walls are. Small canvas prints will feel out of place on large walls, and large pieces can feel odd in a small space. Look for pieces you really love. If shopping at a larger store, you can always take them home to try in your home, then return them if you decide to go another way. You want to accentuate the colors around the room through your living room wall art.

Removable Wallpaper

One of the most cost-effective and space-effective ways to go with your wall art is removable wallpaper. With wallpaper, you can simply select the pattern, photo, or design you want to go with and just apply to your wall. It’s much more hassle-free than scouring different stores looking for the perfect pieces of art. Wallpaper creates a statement and is easy to apply with Limitless Walls! Consider choosing to do an accent wall, applying to just one wall rather than the whole room—this will make your decorating life much easier. Knowing how to pick wallpaper for a living room will help you wow your guests.


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