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China Digital Printable Wallpaper and Wall fabric

Printable Wallpaper and Canvas Material for Latex/UV/Eco-sovent/Water-based printing machine

We are wallpaper manufacturer in Anhui province of China. BEST quotation can be quoted here



Pvc vinyl wallpaper material is fit for eco-solvent / Latex/ UV printer machine

Self Adhesive Canvas

Self adhesive fabric and canvas is fit for eco-solvent / Latex/ UV printer machine

Non Woven Wallpaper

Non woven wallpaper is popular among home decoration. 1.07m*50m/ 1.27m*50m/ 1.52m*50m available here.

Pvc Wallpaper

Pvc wallpaper with different deep texture are popular among youngers. Which has high aesthetic perception and make printing more vivid and three-dimensional.

Polyester Wall Fabric

Wall fabric has longer service life than wallpaper. So its application became wider and received more favour in the market.

Wallpaper presentation

Non woven wallpaper with plain texture

PVC Wallpaper with fine sand texture

PVC Wallpaper with leather texture

PVC Wallpaper with straw  texture

Wall Fabric Presentation

Seamless wallfabric with cross hemp texture

Seamless wallfabric with big circle texture

Seamless wallfabric with yellow hemp texture

Seamless wallfabric 

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Non woven wallpaper, Pvc wallpaper, Self adhesive fabric, polyester fabric, and seamless wall fabric with 3.2 meter width. Besides, white board sticker, glass film, curtain also can be available. 

Yes. All material can be printed by Eco-solvent printer/ UV printer/ Latex printer.

Yes. The water-proof function is essential. Besides, our material is moisture-proof, anti-mildew. Moreover, some is flame-retardant.

Yes. Sample book and sample pages can be available. Besides, we can provide 2 meter sample material for your printing test. All sample pages and sample book are free for you except freight. 

Our Packages

Strong cartons and tubes for different products

In order to protect goods and ensure the security of goods. We will use two different packages regarding to the different weight and width of goods. So that our clients can receive intact products.

Our material can be printed by

Latex printer


UV printer

Eco-solvent printer

Water-based printer

Main Export Regions


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