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Printing United Expo in October in Atlanta

    At the invitation of the organizer, our company sent staff to participate in the Printing UNITED EXPO (PRINTING UNITED) in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States from 18th to 20th, October, 2023. This exhibition is the largest and most authoritative printing exhibition in North America. The exhibition is held once a year, focusing on printing technology and graphics, advertising logos and packaging, etc., to meet the diverse needs of customers. This exhibition has built a good industry exchange platform for relevant personnel in the industry, and brought huge business opportunities to advertising printing product manufacturers and professionals from all over the world.

    There were many visitors to this exhibition. In order to seize this rare opportunity, our company rented a standard booth. Before the exhibition, our company prepared the brochures, A4 sample pages, tables and chairs, business cards, candies, etc. required for the exhibition in advance. During the exhibition, a business manager and a salesperson of our company enthusiastically and proactively received customers, displayed the latest products developed, and introduced our company’s new products, new technologies and new services to customers who came to visit the exhibition. A total of 58 customers were received, including 20 potential customers, mainly from the United States, Canada, Spain and other countries. Our company’s self-adhesive canvas, deep-textured self-adhesive materials, and seamless large-width flame-retardant wall cloth were loved by customers and left a good impression on customers. It created conditions for the company to enhance its overseas reputation and expand foreign markets. After the exhibition, our salesperson had in-depth communication with customers to establish cooperation possibilities and promote the export of our company’s wallpapers and wall cloths. In addition, at the exhibition, we also learned about the relevant information of exhibitors in the same industry, which further strengthened our belief in focusing on product quality control and developing competitive products.

    The company attaches great importance to this exhibition. From the exhibitors, we can see that our company is preparing very carefully. This is inseparable from the attention of the leaders and the cooperation among colleagues. I also gained some experience summary from this exhibition:

First: Understand and be familiar with the company’s products: We act as a medium between the company’s products and customers, and our introduction to the products directly affects the customer’s willingness to buy. Therefore, we must be very familiar with the characteristics and parameters of the products, so that we can reflect our professionalism when explaining them to customers.

Second: Team awareness: As a team, cooperation is also indispensable. We must have a strong sense of teamwork. We are not individuals, but a collective. Only when a team cooperates well and has a clear division of labor can we achieve the expected results.

Third: Preparation of promotional materials. The materials prepared for this company exhibition were relatively insufficient. Most of them were sent out on the first day, so more backups should be made in the future to avoid embarrassing situations.

    The exhibition not only provides salesmen with a platform for face-to-face communication with customers, but also improves their oral expression and customer reception skills. The communication with excellent peers stimulates the motivation for innovation and promotes the company’s product updates. More importantly, it enhances the brand marketing power of new products in the industry overseas.

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