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ISA International Sign Expo® 2024 in Orlando

    Our company was invited to participate in the ISA International Sign Expo, which took place from April 10th to 12th, 2024, in Orlando, USA. The International Sign Association has been organizing this expo every April in the United States, alternating between Orlando and Las Vegas since 1947. By 2024, it had been held for 84 consecutive sessions, making it the world’s longest-running advertising and signage professional exhibition. The expo has evolved into one of the most authoritative events in the industry. It provides an excellent opportunity for Chinese suppliers of signage, outdoor advertising, digital printing equipment, materials, and display equipment to enter and develop the U.S. advertising and signage market. As a pioneer in leading Chinese advertising and signage enterprises to expand into overseas markets, our company will continue organizing most advertising industry enterprises to participate in this annual event in the United States.

    At this exhibition, you will find the following main products:

  1. Various types of advertising equipment production, materials, technology, supplies, software, etc.
  2. Airbrush and engraving, framing, and other advertising production equipment, airbrush, and printing media and ink, etc.
  3. Signage systems, processing and production, film and television advertising technology and equipment, light boxes, LED, neon equipment, three-sided flip, outdoor billboards, etc.
  4. Screen printing and special printing materials and equipment, exhibition and display equipment, advertising media and technology, etc.

    The exhibition lasted for three days. Our company made full preparations, from product catalogs to exhibition racks to booth construction, and aimed to provide the best exhibition experience for our customers. Our main business is digital printing wallpaper materials, such as non-woven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, self-adhesive canvas, and flame-retardant wall fabric. We received 65 customers at the exhibition, and some of them placed sample orders on the spot. The adhesive-backed canvas and flame-retardant cross cloth produced by our company were particularly popular at the exhibition. The adhesive-backed canvas is made of environmentally friendly removable glue, suitable for local wall decorations in the U.S. Its eco-friendly properties make it suitable for offices, shopping malls, and home decorations, enhancing the room’s three-dimensional sense and happiness. In addition to the adhesive-backed canvas, the flame retardant cross cloth also received a good response, meeting U.S. ASTM E84 A1 level flame retardant standards, promising good local sales prospects.

    Wall decoration has a long history, with the improvement of living standards, we pay more and more attention to the visual aesthetics and comfort of the home, office, shopping, and other places. So how to choose the wall decorative materials has become a topic of increasing concern.

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