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Printing Self Adhesive Wallpaper Fine Sand Texture-YD4302


Eco-friendly water-based adhesive, repositionable and removable without residue
Fine Fabric texture high-quality non woven paper substrate
Health safe water-based adhesive, easy peel-and-stick installation
Fabric texture matte surface, eco-friendly waterproof water-based coating
Superior stretch-resistant and shrink-resistant performance
Outstanding ink absorption, clear and bright image quality


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Operation Tips: Newly print product to be installed only after completely dried, otherwise, otherwise, the ink solvent residue may weaken the material surface coating performance.

To achieve better printing result, please keep the material in the operation place for at 12 hours. Recommended operating condition : temperature 20℃±2, relativehumidity50%

Notes: Information of the material Physical and Chemical Characteristics is based upon the testing results we deem as authentic. All listed typical date is for the purpose of material selection reference only. and shall not constitute any kind of guarantee or warranty. ONEW hereby reserves all rights to modify or update related technical date without any notification in advance.

Quality Assurance: ONEW® products are manufactured under strict quality management. Any sold material confirmed to be quality defect by ONEW shall be unconditionally defunded and the defund shall not exceed price of the corresponding material. No sales staff or agents of ONEW shall be authorized any power to provide any guarantee or warranty beyond the statement here in before. And the statement shall constitute an integral part of ONEW sales policy

Testing method: Please refer to the listed international standard for follow the advice by our technical and marketing staff.

Durability: Lifespan of ONEW® product is subject to the application environment of the substrate. The material performance could be affected in high temperature industrial pollution and high humidity environment

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